Tuesday, 5 June 2012

       Big Mouth Returns! 

Greetings Earthlings

It has been countless months since I posted anything on my poor disheveled looking profile. Who cares? No one really but i do remember a slight thrill of finishing a post, so i guess i'm searching for that feeling again.
Seeing as the vast majority of my fellow humans have jetted off for a large quantity of the summer, I have found myself literally dissecting and sitting in my wardrobe. Whilst coughing up dust and screeching over the odd daddy long legs I have unearthed many a forgotten treasure!
A New Concept
I'm changing the style of  "A design For Life", my trusty photographer Michael Lanigan has taken his talent off to London and left me trying to figure out the timer setting- hopefully success is on the horizon...
But I'm going to get creative by means of Bebo Stunnah mirror shots if all else fail as i really want to show you how a piece of clothing can be dressed down, dolled up and even look good thrown on the floor.
So stay tuned- fingers on your buzzers

Mary Kate - Not Ashley

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