Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Big Mouth Strikes again!

It's been a while since I have posted..I promise to get in to a regular routine now.                                                                                                                                                                                              But how soon is now is the question!

                                  SALAD FOR DINNER!

It's time to get back to the big Shmoke!

So this outfit had a lot of the neighbours scrambling around their hedges trying to figure out what I was doing. Anyways, this was basically my electric picnic  "rigout" as granny would say..minus the heels..i couldn't let the muck engulf them!

                        Lets take it from the top!
- My Hair- well its been growing for 19 years now
- Studded Hair Piece -TopShop
- Cut up Skull T-Shirt By the amazing Silver Factory - Shutterbug
- Leather Over-sized Jacket bought for me by the wonderful Blanaid Hennessy at Electric Picnic
- Right hand Rings - All from Shutterbug
- Left hand Rings - Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Forever 21
- Shorts- Bitching And Junkfood
- Black Knee socks - H&M
- Black Killer Heeled boots - Deena & Ozzy
- Vintage Case- Vintage Emporium ( thank you Blanaid) :)

                         CHECK OUT

    Ah sure Stan had to make an appearance.

           Can't Stop Listening to this..

Mary Kate- Not Ashley