Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Big Mouth Keeps her Promise

I'm good like that ;)
This is an outfit i put to together many moons ago when I shot with the fabulous and coveted photographer            Ciuin Tracey.
"Cosmic Love"

Lets gradually work our way to the top

Items featured
Woolen Over the Knee Socks- H&M 8.00
Fishnet Tights -Dunnes 4.00
Dr Martins (vintage) Available in Shutterbug for 30-45 euro
Sheer Tartan dress- "Fridays Project 47.00  (Barcelona)
Brown suede Coat- Shutterbug 37.99

 How can I dress this outfit up?

Dancing Shoes

Whilst making this post i was listening to Grimes.I Saw her perform at forbidden Fruits two days ago. She is amazing..i want her.

Check Out

Mary-Kate Not Ashley

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